If you are interested in visual arts, a great way to make it part of your life is sketching. It is a wonderful way to get the benefits of artistic creativity and also learning to see and enjoy your surroundings in a more profound way. Sketching forces you to really look, and as a consequence you start seeing things you had probably never noticed.

If you feel ashamed to sketch in public, you can start at home, either drawing or painting something in your house or in the garden. It is easy to get started If you feel like you would benefit from teaching, search online for your area to see if there are any sketching classes nearby.

Once you feel a little bit more confident, start carrying a little sketch book with you as well as a few pens (pencils or thin, black marker pens are great), or if you prefer color, crayons or a small portable water color set and a brush or two. It is an amazing pleasure to look at the sketches later on, as they become a diary of the things you have seen.