Creativity and fashion: how to stand out from the crowd

This statement may sound strange, but we live in a relatively grey world where most people are happy to copy so-called opinion leaders. This concerns absolutely every aspect of life and fashion is no exception. However, we should ask ourselves a fundamental question: why look like the rest of the world when you can be unique?

To be unique: a notion that is wrongly frightening

To be unique and to be a freak are absolutely not similar notions. And yet, it is precisely this false perception that many people have. Why do we copy celebrities? We do it precisely because they are not afraid to expose their personalities. The problem is that they are far from being examples. So there is no reason to copy them. Stand out differently.

What attitude should you adopt?

To stand out and above all to be noticed is much easier than you think.

  • The flagship accessory

No need to become the local clown to get noticed. Choose an accessory to start with that will become your trademark. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the late Karl Lagerfeld, for example? Exactly, his famous sunglasses! You don’t have to choose a flashy accessory. In fact, the simpler it is, the better. The important thing is to be original.

  • Create your style

Don’t dress like the others, opt for a style of your own. No, there is no question of wearing purple fluorescent shoes with an orange suit. A man who always wears a three-piece with a collar pin will get noticed more quickly than one who wears weird clothes. Only improvise when you have already mastered the basics, when you already understand what suits you and what you should avoid. Meanwhile, stick to the classic outfits, changing them to adapt them to your personality.

This attitude has many advantages. Besides improving the psychological state of the person adopting it, it also attracts the attention of employers. Finally, it can result in many professional bonuses.