Creativity with friends and family

Creativity is a great tool for making the important relationships in your life stronger. Creativity with children is an absolutely wonderful way to spend time with them so that both the parents and children are actually really having fun, and the adults are not merely overseeing what the children are doing. Children who grow up in creative households become much more artistic in general, which is a priceless gift to give them.

If you feel like your relationship with your partner is in a rut, think of little changes that gently make a difference. For example, dedicate a Tuesday night for a couple’s activity which can be something different every time (bowling, playing table tennis, seeing a movie, going for a dinner in a new restaurant each time), or think of ways to surprise your partner.

Same goes with friends. Instead of meeting them at the same old pub or inviting them over for a dinner, start exploring the city where you live in, including its strange or eccentric locations. You can do little trips with a car to get to know your area, and also the more you learn about it, the more it will reveal about its history and possibilities, allowing for even more room for creativity.