Creativity and mental health

A lot of people struggle with mental health nowadays. Life is very hectic and hard, and many countries have high unemployment and lots of temporary, poorly paid jobs. Relationships do not last because people are always wondering whether there is someone even better out there, and dating apps make it seem like there is indeed an infinite pool from which to choose from.

And expectations are very high: people should be successful, earn good money, look fit and good, dress well, and generally be popular and interesting. This combination makes it very hard for anyone to be satisfied with their lives, at least for long. That has resulted in a massive mental health crisis in our societies.

Depression, anxiety, debilitating stress and burn out are more and more common, and the numbers of mental health issues have soared, while at the same time there are not enough access to health care professionals to efficiently treat them or even provide counseling. Creativity is a wonderful way to deal with mental health issues, since one uses the thoughts and emotions one struggles with as a part of the creative process, which is a way of dealing with the problems.