Tips on Product Packaging Design

The design of product packaging can be a deal maker or breaker. While books are judged by their cover, products are gauged by the packaging. For that reason, the packaging design should be creative and tell the product story to capture the buyers’ attention. In this article, find three essential tips that should guide product packaging design.


The product packaging design should be very attractive, and, as a designer, you need to explore your creativity to the fullest. The product itself should guide the content on the packaging design, from the text copy to the images. It’s also essential to ensure that the design is consistent with the brand. That’s why a brand such as Verso Skincare US has the same black and white theme on the packaging design of all their skin products to match the brand’s primary colors.


Here again, you need a lot of creativity to bring out a unique product packaging design that will stand out from the rest of the products on the shelves. If possible, bring out something that has never been seen before. For instance, the Freiheit 1848 whiskey packaging design is among the unique packaging designs we have seen in recent years. It pays tribute to all the lives lost during the 1848 German Revolution.


The product packaging design’s effectiveness is also crucial, and here, the functionality is key. The important aspects here include how practical the design is, in terms of protection and usability. How the design is suitable in the retail environment is also an essential consideration. One effective product packaging design is Goldfish Tea Bags, which swell into the shape of goldfish when brewed in hot water.

There you have it folks; three tips on product packaging design. As you have seen, product packaging design is more than just the aesthetic appeal. It should be the perfect balance between attractiveness, uniqueness, and effectiveness.