Taking up hobbies

In order to become more creative, all you need to do is to start doing creative things. The best way to do so is to take up a new activity as a hobby, either by taking lessons, joining a group, or simply setting aside time at home to practice the hobby. Practicing a hobby at home is the most challenging, because it is hard to stick to doing what we plan to when surrounded by dozens of other things to do, including easy options like sitting on the sofa and switching on the TV.

That is especially true if you have children or a spouse, so if you do plan to practice your hobby only at home, make sure you have a room with a closed door, and you tell the others not to disturb you at your hobby time. An easier option is to take lessons, or join a group, because both give you a schedule that you have to follow. Groups have the added advantage of providing social support, and making it more fun. Even if you sometimes do not feel like going to the class, you might still want to see the others, which gives you the boost you need to leave home.

There are lots of good reasons to take up a hobby, besides the benefit of creativity mentioned earlier. It helps to maintain a healthy work-life balance, as the hobby helps you switch off thoughts about work. Once you really get into your hobby, your life gets enriched, and you become a new person: now you are also a ceramicist, painter, musician, gardener, or anything you chose as your new hobby.