Painting is one of the most well-known forms of fine art, and an activity that many consider to require lots of creativity, technique, and practice. But in fact painting is quite simple, and it has the advantage that the results easily look good because colors are beautiful in themselves. The best way to get started with painting is to look for classes for beginners, where a teacher explains the basics of mixing colors and thinning them. Acrylic paints are hugely popular nowadays because they are cheap, they dry in an instant, they do not smell, and the brushes can we washed with water.

Oil paint is more traditional, but it involves the use of smelly chemicals that cannot be disposed of by just pouring them into the sink. Oil paint also dries slowly, which means that one painting will usually take several weeks. In contrast, acrylic paint is dry within minutes. There are an infinite amount of possible techniques and styles of acrylic painting, so the best way to find your own style is to see lots of paintings in museums and galleries, and experimenting to see what style you feel most comfortable with.

Not knowing how to draw is no obstacle, and indeed perhaps the majority of paintings nowadays are not lifelike, but rather abstract or naive, or otherwise an expression of how the world appears to the painter, rather than an imitation of how things actually look to us. Given the ubiquity of photography, there is no need for us also to have extremely realistic paintings.