Crafts are an ideal option for someone worried that they are not creative enough, because with crafts you can typically just follow the existing instructions or patterns, and there is no need to modify them. But it also leaves lots of room for creativity, because typically there is room for a lot of personal touches in any project you decide to begin. And within crafts there are hundreds of categories from which to choose, so anyone can find projects that they enjoy and find useful. For example, if you love clothes you can try sewing.

Once you master the basic sewing skills, you can start to alter clothes, and eventually you might be able to design and make your clothes. Using second hand clothes and altering them, or just using their fabric to make something new are wonderfully ecological ways of getting new clothes without wasting nature’s resources. Crochet and knitting are also great ways to create yourself new clothes. If you live in a climate where the weather gets cold, knowing how to knit socks, mittens, hats and sweaters is an extremely useful skill, and can save you hundreds.

If you love home decorating, crafts are a great way to create new things to your home. You can knit or crochet beautiful, colorful blankets, and sew new cushion cases and curtains. Storage boxes can be made prettier by covering them in lovely fabrics or wrapping paper, and the same technique can even be used to cover furniture. Crafting is especially great if you have children, because they will enjoy making things just as much as you. You can also save money by making Christmas decorations and presents.

Everyone loves home made presents, because they show your personality and effort much more than something bought from a shop. Pottery is another wonderful craft that can be practiced in lots of places. It only takes a few lessons to learn the basics of throwing pottery with a wheel, and once the pottery is glazed, it always looks nice. Pottery is also very useful, as you can make cups, mugs, vases, flower pots, bowls, soap cups, and anything else you or your friends need for their homes.

You can get creative in deciding not only the shape of your object, but also the type and color of its glazing. Embroidery may look difficult, but there are lots of different levels, and one can start with for example a simple cross-stitch pattern. With embroidery one can easily create amazing and unique patterns on clothes, towels, sheet, and pillow and cushion cases. As with all crafts, you can start with easy and small projects, and gradually move on to more challenging ones, while also using your creativity more.