Breast Artistry Influences Perceptions

Breasts are represented throughout history in artistic expression. Often reflecting a woman’s role in society, depictions may highlight a community’s collective beliefs, fears, or religious understanding for the period the artist produced the artwork. The evolution of artists’ depiction of breasts has brought about a modern-day focus on both the nurturing and sexual aspects of breasts. Women turn to Motiva for breast augmentation when influenced by artistic standards of breast beauty.

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full breasts featured in historical art. As symbols of fertility, the breasts were often depicted as larger than real life. In ancient Egypt, artists from the period only included breasts in art to reflect religious ideals. For example, a female deity may be drawn in art breastfeeding a pharaoh. In ancient Greece, artists focused on the male body and artwork featuring women depicted smaller or covered breasts. In China, artists created fuller breasts in artwork. However, the subject often covered her breasts with her hands in these artistic expressions.

In modern art, breasts depictions often influence perceptions about how breasts should look. Women sometimes choose Motiva to augment natural breasts to reflect the evolving expectations of breast beauty reflected in media and art.

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