Creativity and everyday life

We have talked about bringing more creativity into one’s life by adopting hobbies where one can express one’s creativity. But creativity should really be brought into and fostered in all spheres of life. Living a good, balanced life is difficult, but all aspects of life benefit from creativity in various ways.

Simply try changing up your routines, your surroundings, and your habits. There is no need to go full Marie Kondo on your house for example, but small changes may make you see your home in a new light and appreciate it more. Try rearranging some furniture, or change the cushion covers and rugs, and curtains you have. Modify your usual breakfast a bit. If you always have porridge and banana, swap the banana into berries and try adding nuts.

When you leave your habits you are forced to start thinking about the new possibilities. For example, do you really like the dishes you usually cook, or do you stick to them because you are too lazy to keep trying new styles of cuisine which you might love much more? Keep trying new things; it will enrich your life, and keep you aware of all the possibilities there are.