A very easy form of creative activity is writing. It does not require any kind of investment, unlike most visual arts, and it can be done anywhere – in cafes, on the train, in bed, so it is easier to do if you do not have easy access to a private space. There are many forms of writing: poems, journaling, fiction (short stories or novels), plays, screenwriting, lyrics… And all of us has pens and notebooks or a computer, so getting started is just a question of deciding to do it. An easy way to get used to writing is to start a journal.

You do not have to think about characters or using good language, and you can focus purely on expressing your emotions and thoughts. Writing a journal has also surprising health benefits in addition to enhancing your creativity. It is particularly useful for people who suffer from anxiety, as putting your thoughts down in writing gives you perspective to them, and lets you see what exactly is causing your anxiousness. It also reminds you of the good things in your life, as writing a diary often involves telling stories about the little events that happen to us.

They may seem remarkable, but in the end, the good moments in our lives mostly consists of apparently unremarkable encounters and events, spending time and doing mundane things with friends and family, or just enjoying being alive. Writing about things makes you practice thinking about them more deeply, and thereby lets you see the value in them. Once you get used to writing and find your own way of using words, you can try some more creative writing. For example, if you love music and lyrics, you could try writing them.

Think about writing a love song to someone important in your life, or telling about your worst heart break. If you like imagining stories, try writing a short story, or a plan for a movie. Do not stress about finishing what you are writing, because the aim is just to be more creative, not to achieve anything. Soon you will realise who enjoyable it is to dwell in an imaginary world of your own creation, populated by fictional characters with personalities of their own.