How to Get Out of a Creative Block

Art is fun, and its benefits cannot be exhausted. Being an artist exposes you to a world that is deeper than what other people know. It is all a joy until you realise that you are suddenly out of ideas or the desire to create. Whether you are a writer, painter, musician, actor or whichever form of art you are pursuing, you are familiar with the monster that sometimes creeps in and threatens to kill all the dreams that an artist might have. That beast, commonly known as the creative block is something that many artists desperately seek to fight. If you ever encounter a block, some of the ways to get out of it are as follows.

Take a Break

This might sound like an ironic thing to say, but sometimes when the creative block comes, you just need to take a break and relax. Stop obsessing with productivity and simply give your brain some time to rest. You can also just sleep. Have a nap. In the middle of the break, when you are not overthinking about it, you may just conceptualise the most creative idea.

Join a Club

Whichever art you are pursuing, you should consider being a part of a club. Such organisations always bring together people with similar interests. When you start feeling like you cannot produce, you can reach out to the club members and ask them how they are coping. Most clubs also assign people mentors, so you can reach out to them and ask for guidance. You should never underestimate the value of a mentor in providing inspiration to create.

Look Within

There is a misconception that inspiration for artists must come from trips and going away from home. While it helps to travel and go on a retreat when you are facing the block, you can also get the biggest inspiration from the least expected places. For instance, a painter might get the desire to start on a piece of art by simply looking at the flowers and intricacy in an ikea klippan sofa cover on their seat. A writer might just get the desire to start on writing their next page-turner from a conversation with the mailman. Sometimes, the inspiration is right on your doorstep.

Find Entertainment

Going on social media, stepping out for a walk or even playing a game of cards with your family and friends can get you off the creative block. Research has also found that exercise boosts creativity. If you are feeling overwhelmed because you have done too much art, you should consider doing an activity that brings you joy. This will clear your mental block and allow you to start creating again.