Creativity is good for the community

At the moment, a lot of towns are struggling because the industries that they had are gone. Perhaps surprisingly, towns that are rich in arts and culture are doing really well when looking at where people want to live. It seems like creativity is crucial when measuring a town’s attractiveness, and it helps to build a strong community.

And no wonder, since creativity in all its forms brings people together, makes them happier, and also attracts visitors, thus providing additional job opportunities and a boost to the town’s economy. If a town is working together to say, organize a summer fair or a festival, it provides something to look forward to, to get to know more people in the town, and to feel that one’s work matters for the larger good.

Being part of a community is one of the strongest human needs, and one that is sadly harder and harder to fulfil, given our busy, separated city lives and families whose members live all over a country or in different countries. Fostering creativity in a community is a wonderful, easy way to strengthen the community and to make its members better off. There are lots of ways to make the community more creative.

Starting an amateur theatre or a choir is one; public dance classes (ballroom or other couple’s dances are great, because they make men dance too) are a way to get people moving too. And there are lots of holidays when the town could have events where the community can decorate a main square or a town hall, organise a flea market, musical performances, fashion shows with charity shop clothes, a log throwing competition…

The possibilities are endless. What is most important is that the events created are inclusive, so all the members of the community feel that they can participate, and that their particular skills and abilities are appreciated.